• 25 January, 2023

  • 26 January, 2023

9:30AM - 9:45AM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Dr. Ahmed Alaskar

Executive Director,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

KAIMRC Address

9:45AM - 10:00AM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Dr. Abdelali Haoudi

Head, R&D Strategy and Business Development,
Managing Director, Medical Biotechnology Park,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

The Biotech Summit Program

10:00AM- 10:30AM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Dr. Ronald DePinho

Professor and Past President,
MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Converting Knowledge into Societal Good through Biotechnology

Dr. Junghae Suh

Vice President , Gene Therapy Accelerator Unit,
Biogen, USA

Gene Therapy for Neuroscience

Dr. Dunia Jawdat

Chairman, Department of Cellular Therapy Services,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

Strategic Implementation of Cellular Therapy in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Khaled Al Sayegh

Director, Research Operations,
Associate Director, Biomedical Research,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

Paving the Way for iPS-Based Cell Therapy in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Samantha Nicholson

Global Technical Marketing Manager, Cell Culture Workflows, MERCK, South Africa

Enabling Cell and Gene Therapy- Novel Modalities for Engineered Therapeutics

Dr. Ahmed Ashour Ahmed

Professor, Gynaecological Oncology,
Director, Ovarian Cancer Cell Laboratory, University of Oxford,
Founder and Director, Singula Bio Ltd., UK

Towards Eliminating Solid Tumors by Targeting Tumor Initiating Cells Using Cell Therapy

Panel Discussion

2:30PM - 3:00PM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Sir. Menelas N Pangalos

Executive Vice President and President, BioPharmaceutical R&D,
AstraZeneca, UK

Improving R&D Productivity – Innovation for the Next Decade

Mr. Jaeyong Ahn

CEO and President,
SK bioscience

Preparing for Next Pandemic through Global Partnership

Mr. Said Francis

Senior Vice President,
Head, Business Development & Corporate Strategy,
Moderna, USA

Role of Partnerships in Advancing Novel Medicines

Dr. Harald C Ott

Director, Center for Organ
Engineering, MGH,
Founder and CEO,
IVIVA Medical, USA

Engineering Organs on Demand - How Close are we in 2023

Dr. Manal Alaamery

Head, Developmental Medicine,
Chairman Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

Innovation & Partnership at KAIMRC

Panel Discussion

Dr. Hyunghwan Joo

Former Minister, Trade, Industry & Energy,
Former Vice Minister, Strategy & Finance,
Republic of South Korea

Perspectives from South Korea’s Experience in Biotechnology Development

Dr. James Peyer

CEO and Co-Founder,
Cambrian Bio, USA

Betting on Innovators in Preventative Medicines - Where Investors are Putting their Money

Ms. El E. Lee

Cofounder and a Partner,
Chief Operation Officer,
Excolo Bio, Singapore

Strategic Global Alliance in Biotechnology

Mr. Walter Klemp

Chairman and CEO,
Moleculin Biotech, Inc., USA

The Shift in Biotech Investing

Mr. Brock Reeve

CEO and Co-founder,
Eos BioInnovation, USA

Key Ingredients for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Life Sciences

Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld

CEO and Chairman,
Constellation Acquisition Corp, USA

Biotech Hotspots: What to Look for and How to Attract

Panel Discussion

8:15AM - 8:45AM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Eng. Suliman Bin Khaled Almazroua

CEO, National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, KSA

How Vision 2030 is Transforming the Kingdom into a Leading Industrial Powerhouse

8:45AM - 9:15AM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Dr. Stephen Lockhart

Vice President and Head, Europe and Asia-Pacific Vaccine Clinical R & D,
Pfizer, UK

Rapid Development and Evolution of an mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2

Dr. Paolo Martini

Chief Scientific Officer International Therapeutic Research Centers,

Design and Manufacturing of mRNA Based Vaccines

Dr. Mohammad Bosaeed

Deputy Chief, Medical Eligibility Department,
Infectious Disease Consultant, Department of Medicine,
King Abdulaziz Medical City, KSA

The Challenges and Journey of our Phase 1 Vaccine Clinical Trial

Dr. Neil Domigan

Vice President Business,
VaxMed, Australia

Synthetic Vaccines – synVAX

Mr. Justis Taejun Cho

Vice President,
Head, R&D Strategy and Planning,
SK bioscience

SK bioscience’s Core Capabilities in Vaccine R&D and Manufacturing – Versatile Platform to Address Both Pandemic and Ordinary Needs

Dr. Scott Ripley

General Manager, Nucleic Acid Therapeutics,
Cytiva, Sweden

Making Innovation Reality: Strategies for Future Manufacturing Requirements

Panel Discussion

Dr. Steve Rees

Discovery Biology, AstraZeneca, UK

Transforming Disease Treatment with New Therapeutic Modalities

Dr. Lynda Chin

President and CEO,
Apricity Health, USA

Dynamic Precision: New Frontier in Precision Medicine

Dr. Hani Gabra

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer,
Papyrus Therapeutics, UK

Papyrus Therapeutics from Bench to Bedside: Novel Approach for Tumor Suppressor Therapy

Dr. Mohammed Bouziane

Sunomix Therapeutics-Johnson Johnson JLABS, USA

Universal Vaccine against Multiple COVID-19 Variants-New Delivery Platform

Dr. David V. Erbe

Senior Distinguished Investigator,
Alnylam, USA

RNAi Therapeutics – Past, Present and Future

Dr. Anitaben Tailor

Global Technical Marketing Manager, Immunoassay Platform Solutions,

Analytical Solutions to Facilitate Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development

Panel Discussion

12:30PM - 1:15PM Riyadh Time (GMT+3)

Dr. Paolo Martini

Chief Scientific Officer International Therapeutic Research Centers,

Leveraging mRNA Platform for the Treatment of Rare Genetic Diseases

Ms. Monica Rassai

Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives,
High Growth Market,
Beckman Coulter, UAE

Innovation that Reimagines Healthcare

Mr. Matthieu Guibourgé

Senior Commercial Director EMEA, Workflow and Digital Pathology,
Leica Biosystems , France.

Digital Pathology Readiness

Dr. Hicham Fenniri

Vice President for Research,
University Mohammed 6 Polytechnic, Morocco

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Medical Biotechnology at University Mohammed VI Polytechnic

Dr. Beryl Oppenheim

Senior Director,
Medical Affairs,
Cepheid, UK

Innovating in High Growth Markets

Panel Discussion

Dr. Elio Riboli

Director, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research,
Director of Public Health Research,
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK

The Role of Population Biobank in Medical Research

Mr. Walter Klemp

Chairman and CEO,
Moleculin Biotech, Inc., USA

Global Advancements in Clinical Development

Dr. Majed Al Jeraisy

Chairman, Research Office,
Director, Clinical Trial Services,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

Clinical Trials Setup of KAIMRC/MNGHA

Dr. Eva Turgonyi

Medical Director GCC,
AstraZeneca, UAE

How Evidence Generation and Collaborative Innovation Can Drive Healthcare Forward?

Panel Discussion

Dr. Adrian Cassidy

Head, Global Evidence Generation,
Novartis, Switzerland

Preparing for Future State with RWE and Integrated Evidence

Dr. Raed H. Al Hazme

Executive Director, IT Department,
Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, KSA

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World Evidence Studies

Dr. Lamya Al Omair

Head, AI and Bioinformatics,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

AI and Computational Biology Speeds the Path to Clinical Trial

Dr. Torben Sandgren

UNEEG medical A/S, Denmark

Novel Chip Technology Enabling Remote Brain Monitoring

Panel Discussion

Dr. James Weatherall

Vice President and Head of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence,
Biopharmaceuticals R&D,
AstraZeneca, UK

Transforming Science through Data & AI

Dr. Majid Alfadhel

Deputy Executive Director,
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, KSA

Gene Therapy for Rare Diseases Present and Future

Dr. Madhuri Hegde

Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Global Lab Services,
PerkinElmer, USA

Genomics in the Era of AI- What Does the Future Look Like?

Dr. Patrick Tan

Executive Director,
Precision Health Research, Singapore

Singapore’s National Precision Medicine Strategy

Dr. Philip Larsen

Senior Vice President and Global Head, Pharma Research & Early Development,
BAYER AG, Germany

Precision Medicine as the Foundation for Innovation in General Medicine

Panel Discussion